Julie. Julek. Grim Reaper. Death. Shinigami. Or maybe just JJ... Whatever, you can call me 'honey'.
What else... Oh, I live in Poland where the history comes from. Of course I'm a fangirl, pff.
Totally adore Tony Stark (or RDJ, whateva), Jack Harkness (CAPTAIN.), apples, The Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural (Cas :3 Destiel! *-*), my scythe, Loki (still dunno why) and, again, Tony Stark, because fuck you - that's why.
Loki to my Tony, my golden apple, source of chaos in the universe and somehow love of my life - Lobo <33

Stevie to my Stark, Black Kitteh, scary faerie, and my true soulmate - Kejci <33

Art in the background and avatar are borrowed.

"Behold the Metatron, herald of the Almighty and voice of the one true God!”


Supernatural tonight!