Julie. Julek. Grim Reaper. Death. Shinigami. Or maybe just JJ... Whatever, you can call me 'honey'.
What else... Oh, I live in Poland where the history comes from. Of course I'm a fangirl, pff.
Totally adore Tony Stark (or RDJ, whateva), Jack Harkness (CAPTAIN.), apples, The Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural (Cas :3 Destiel! *-*), my scythe, Loki (still dunno why) and, again, Tony Stark, because fuck you - that's why.
Loki to my Tony, my golden apple, source of chaos in the universe and somehow love of my life - Lobo <33

Stevie to my Stark, Black Kitteh, scary faerie, and my true soulmate - Kejci <33

Art in the background and avatar are borrowed.
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ついぴくまとめ   by モリヤマ


ついぴくまとめ   by モリヤマ





AU in which the Doctor is a very sick little boy lying in a hospital bed in a coma and his universe is just a dream. Each of his companions represent the kids in the beds next to him and when they die or leave the ward, they die or leave in his head. Regenerations represent times he nearly woke up or nearly died and the TARDIS represents his life support machine.

what THE FUCK is wrong with you



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steve makes bucky these signs and forces him to hold them whenever he starts doubting himself

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Tom Hiddleston: Labyrinth of Shakespeare [x]

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White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies (Yes to Yum)


Cookie Dough Bars


Stuffed Cheesy Bread